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Based in Australia, TrakaX develops high-functioning telematics hardware units for equipment, machinery and vehicle fleets. Designed and developed by those working in the machinery and equipment hire business, our units were created with end-users in mind

How TrakaX

TrakaX units are equipped with next generation features, including seamless physical and wireless connectivity, giving you ultimate control with ease. The unit is designed to work both in and outdoors, with the ability to withstand rugged and harsh conditions. Cutting edge technology captures all fault codes and other diagnostic insights. All TrakaX units include a substantial internal battery for long life, anti-theft functions, vehicle retrieval and batter-only mode functionality. Our unit capabilities are taken to the next level through partnering with the Teletrack platform, an innovative Australian telematics and tracking technology and software company that is allowing businesses to reach new heights.

What you need to know

Australian owned and operated

TrakaX was founded in Australia and continues to be nationally operated. Being an Australian company, we are available to support you when you need us. Our support team were involved in developing our hardware and systems, giving you access to the most knowledgeable assistance possible.

Integrated software and secure storage

The TrakaX cloud stores all telematics and tracking data captured by our TrakaX units, ensuring you never lose important information. Our units seamlessly integrate into Teletrack software, with future developments aiming to establish more software integration partners. The Teletrack platform includes a user-friendly smartphone app, offering users full control and oversight of their assets equipped with TrakaX units.

Wireless connectivity

Next-generation connectivity and control are enabled through our units’ wireless capabilities. 4G, WiFI, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN and Iridium connectivity options are all at users’ fingertips, with future 5G compatibility coming soon without any change needed to hardware. All units are designed for harsh outdoor conditions, as well as in-building and underground environments. 

Safe workplace culture

As our software partner, Teletrack have implemented pre-start systems that reduce repair costs and on-site injuries. A smartphone-based pre-start questionnaire is implemented to protect your assets against damage as well as fostering safer working environments for employees. The pre-start system ensures only those with the authority and training are able to start a machine. 

High-functioning telematics

TrakaX units are high-functioning telematics hardware for machinery, equipment and vehicle fleets. SAE J1939 and CAN 2.0 compatibility also mean fault codes and other diagnostic information from compatible vehicles are captured. A substantial internal battery also provides anti-theft, vehicle retrieval and battery-only mode functionality. Using the Teletrack platform further enhances TrakaX’s capabilities, with remote immobilisation, geofencing, user permission hierarchies, usage tracking and full diagnostics that are simple to access.

Our software

TrakaX utilises Teletrack’s software to provide unbeatable functionality. Teletrack is also Australian owned and operated, making our integrations seamless and easy to develop. It was founded by industry experts who experienced first-hand the challenges of operating large fleets. Industry leaders have found measurable benefits by deploying Teletrack’s services, resulting in lower overhead costs and greater sustainability for their business. Teletrack delivers tailored solutions through their understanding of industry challenges and by tailoring solutions to specific customer needs. Their innovative, customised approach means that regaining control of your equipment and making data-driven decisions has never been easier.


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Based in Australia, TrakaX develops high-
functioning telematics hardware units

for equipment, machinery & vehicle fleets.


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